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bite me. #thisisnotafountainpen :)

bite me.  #thisisnotafountainpen :)

I started this blog to talk about lots of things, but if you know me, you’d know I’m extremely interested in lip products. I wouldn’t say obsessed since there are other things that hold my interest (like fountain pens and inks and watercolors and nail polish! :)), but yes. I have a healthy interest in all things for the lips.

I have been using some Bite Beauty lip products for a while now and I have to say, they’re solid.  One that I’ve been particularly interested in trying is the Agave Sugar Lip Scrub.  So I finally pulled the trigger.

eeek. so gud.Agave sugar scrub

You know that smell when you’re making chocolate chip cookies and you’ve just creamed the butter and added the sugar and you go to add the vanilla?  That’s the smell of this lip scrub…it’s…that good. Since the ingredients are brown sugar, agave, vanilla and French lanolin, you can probably see why.  It’s delicious smelling and doesn’t taste too bad either.  Their website says to use it at night, but I’d say it depends on how chapped your lips are. Since I always slather on some sort of treatment balm before going to bed, I prefer to use the scrub in the morning.  This also lets the lip mask (Why do they call it this? A mask to me is something applied and removed 30 or so minutes later.) sink in and do it’s magic.  Then in the morning, the scrub is applied, massaged in circles to help slough off the rough bits if you have them, or to just increase circulation to the lips.  Then, you gently rinse it off with water.  You’ll see a slight plumping action which is a great side effect! Top with lipstick or one of the other lip masks and you’re good to go.

The Agave Lip Mask comes in three colors:  clear/natural,  rose pink gold/champagne,  candy apple red/smashed and of course I have all of them.  If you’re wondering, they look like this:

sheerL to R: agave scrub, lip masks

If you’re looking for them, you can find them currently at Sephora.  I see they have a newish lip balm in tube form that, I must get. 🙄  OH!  And I see they’ve got 2 Bite Beauty Lip Labs, one in San Francisco and one in New York.  Get this, you go and create your own lip product (you choose the type and finish and color).  I totally want to do this…and if I go to the SFO PEN SHOW (all caps b/c duh, it’s a PEN SHOW!), would this be doable?  Who else is in?

6 thoughts on “bite me. #thisisnotafountainpen :)”

  • Have you tried Fresh products? Their Sugar lip balms and lip scrub has a brown sugar with a hint of lemon smell. It’s one of those things I can’t live without.

    • Yes! Those are great too, I wore those balms out! 😹 I had to try these though when I saw them. I also like the Bite multi sticks–you can use them on lips/cheeks/eyes 🙂 and that’s really nice when you’ve got limited time to get ready!

  • All this time I’ve known you, and this is my first visit to your blog! 😁

    So obviously I’m not one to know anything about makeup or “products” in general, but I love a good lip… thing. I’ve been using Almighty Balm on my lips at night and it is AMAZING! It’s the only thing that stays on and smooth all night!

    • Oooo I will have to check that out! Where do you get the Alrighty Balm? And it’s okay Krista, I just started it a few days ago 😹. I appreciate you taking a look!

  • Yeah! Whatever, it’s your blog, right? Stationery AND cosmetics in one blog? Sign me up. 🙂

    I don’t get too adventurous with lip products (I splurge on cheek colors) but one thing that has stuck with me and works consistently well is Fresh Sugar lip balms (in certain colors though). I’ve never heard of Bite but enjoyed reading your take on it. Love their logo! And camouflage!!

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