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Write it down.

Write it down.
Keep a log.

It’s funny.  I have relatively more time these days and yet if I don’t write it down, I can’t always recall what happened just a couple of days prior.  I’m not sure what that is lately, but I’m going to be more consistent and capture the little moments so I can look back later and laugh…maybe cry–I hope not cry.  I’m not a huge crier–you can ask Mr. Murbers. That’s not to say that I’m not affected by things, I am.  There have been a few things in my life that have drastically changed recently. I’d like to get the the point where being upset could fuel huge, creative bursts of energy!  I’m not there yet, but I’m working on that. 🙂

If you’re like me, you’ve got multiple notebooks (many blank eek!  Two is one and one is none, right?) and lots of versions of the Hobonichi planner (how could you not want the teeny Toast plate?) as well as the Traveler’s Notebook formats. I’m working a lot harder on seeing what works and what doesn’t.  I’m finding the above format is quite good for quickly writing down what I was up to on a given day. The little drawing that’s taped in there is one of my 2-second drawings. I found it while I was tidying up the other day and wanted to keep it.

I’m also debating whether to use one fountain pen for the entries.  In a way I find it very visually appealing and cohesive to have a similar color running throughout.  I do have a week where I forgot my vintage nibbed pen while on a trip and used my trusted Franklin-Christoph 45 (my Cappuccino one) with MCI nib instead of the pen in the photo above (a Shinobi built for a fantastic vintage nib which PEN SHOW vendor Tim Pierson found especially for me) and even though it doesn’t have the magical flex that the above pen does, it still looks like it belongs.

WRT to this blog, the new format and software has a learning curve, but hopefully it will become 2nd nature like flossing my teef every day.  I’m a dentist’s daughter after all, if I can do that, I can do anything.

9 thoughts on “Write it down.”

  • I am the same way about writing things down. If I don’t do it within 24 hours, I will forget or miss the entry altogether. With all your pens and inks, I don’t know how you will be able to keep to only one for the TN (although it looks spectacular with your beautiful handwriting). I think that Shinobi and special nib demand their own entry sometime down the road.

  • Perhaps you could switch ink colors just for the weekends? I’m happy to gaze at whatever you choose to write in your fabulous font. (could you have that made into a font ????)

    • Oh! That’s an interesting thought, to change up the wknd colors! I like it! No one needs a font made of my handwriting—hehehe 🙂 I really do appreciate that you like it so much though!

  • Tania–Have been following you on Instagram for quite a while; even caught you on Periscope a few times. I am so glad you started the blog. You bring the perspective of a user/consumer with a fresh eye on all the things many of us think about and want to know more about. Since you get to pen shows, you are able to give us a broad range of insights. Though I am jealous that I can never be at a show to get a Franklin-Christoph 45 Prototype!

    • Hi Michael–I appreciate you stopping by to leave a comment and am happy to hear you’re interested in the blog! You’ll have to keep an eye out for F-C flash sales! I know they try to post everywhere, IG, FB, Twitter, email when they are planning to post one. It’s a nice way to get one if you’re not able to attend a show. 😀

  • That’s why I got into planners because if I don’t write it down it becomes a lost memory. Although mine doesn’t look as artistic as yours. I use a Filofax for home planning and a Traveler’s Notebook to keep digests of my letter writing and to record memories and happy moments.

    • Hi Audrey! I love hearing how people use their different notebooks and planners! I had this grand idea to use one for meal planning and well, let’s just say perhaps I’ll do that in the future–hehehe 🙂

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